Lubrizol Series LZ 2727

Improve the extreme pressure performance and oxidation resistance of lubricating oil
Артикул: HMHT0029 Категория:

Diesel Additives / Maleic Anhydride + Polyisobutylene + Polyethylene Polyamine

Basic information

  • Name: Dispersant LZ 2727(PIBSA1300, Polyisobutylene Succinic Anhydride)
    Appearance : Brown Viscous Liquid


Physicochemical property

Name % CAS No
Maleic Anhydride 20 108-31-6
Polyisobutene 50 9003-27-4
Polyethylene Polyamine 30 68131-73-7
Specific Gravity,kg/m³: 850-923
Viscosity,(100℃),mm2/s: ≤400
Acid value,mgKOH/g: ≤0
Alkali Value,mgKOH/g: ≤100
Flash point,℃: ≥160℃
Effective Component,%: ≥55
Mechanical Impurities,%: None

Packaging And Store

190kg iron drum packaging or Iso tank.

Transportation and storage should conduct according to standard of toxic and flammable chemiSeal up and keep away from fire and collision.


Lubrizol Series LZ2727 is an additive for lubricating oils mainly used in heavy-duty applications such as diesel engines and industrial gearboxes. It is an organic phosphate additive produced in the process of calcium sulfide, which can improve the extreme pressure performance and anti-oxidation performance of lubricating oil, and can effectively prevent problems such as friction, wear and corrosion at the same time. In addition, Lubrizol Series LZ2727 also has good cleaning and dispersing properties, which can prevent the formation of deposits and prolong the service life of machines and equipment.

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