Diesel Pour Point Depressant PPD/DDP

Reduce diesel condensation point
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Diesel Additives / HMHT-44

Basic information

  • Pour point depressant HBTY is a new type of diesel pour point depressant, which is an amidated copolymer obtained by free radical polymerization of three polymerized monomers. Adding a certain amount of pour point depressant to diesel oil can effectively reduce the freezing point and freezing point of diesel oil, thereby improving the low temperature flow performance of diesel oil. This product has a better effect on catalytic diesel oil, followed by thermal cracking diesel oil. It also has obvious effects on straight-run diesel oil, wide-cut diesel oil, and narrow-cut diesel oil. A small amount of this product is added during the blending process to lower the freezing point from -3℃ to -44℃, and a certain amount of this product is added to high-grade diesel oil to produce low-grade diesel oil, which will increase certain economic benefits for the refinery. Adding a certain amount of this product in the production process can increase the yield of diesel oil and increase the output of diesel oil. In practical application, the amount of additive added is determined according to the evaluation results.

Physicochemical property

Appearance Light Yellow Liquid Visual Inspection
Kinematic viscosity (50℃), mm²/s 0.9 GB/T265
Freezing point ℃ ≥40 GB/T3535
Density(20℃)kg/m³ 0.875 GB/T1844
Flash point (opening) ℃ ≥80 GB/T3536

Packaging And Store

170Kg/drum or Iso tank.

When storing, loading and unloading and oil adjustment of this product, refer to SH/T0164. The maximum temperature should not exceed 75℃, and for long-term storage, the maximum temperature should not exceed 45℃. This product is non-flammable, non-explosive, and non-corrosive. It is the same as general petroleum products in terms of safety, environmental protection, and use, and does not need special protection.


Clean fuel system: T 1805 can effectively clean the fuel injectors, combustion chambers, and intake ports of diesel engines, reduce the generation of carbon deposits and deposits, and improve the combustion efficiency and power performance of the engine.
Reducing emissions: T 1805 can reduce the emission content of diesel engines, including nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and hydrocarbons, reducing environmental pollution.
Improving lubrication performance: T 1805 can add a certain amount of lubricant to diesel, improving its lubrication performance, reducing engine wear, and extending its service life.
Corrosion prevention: T 1805 can prevent corrosion and oxidation of metal components inside diesel engines, protecting the normal operation of the engine.


After experimenting many times, We use # 0 diesel oil as raw material mixed with our additives, and we suggest that the following proportion can be used to add, for reference only:

Diesel oil content HBTY-44 Additives Content Viscosity Freezing Point (℃)
30% 70% 0.91 -44
35% 65% 0.95 -36
40% 60% 0.90 -34
45% 55% 0.95 -31
50% 55% 0.95 -31
55% 45% 0.99 -30
60% 40% 0.99 -28
65% 35% 1.00 -28
90% 10% 1.00 -23
95% 5% 1.00 -22

Note: In thie case, freezing point can understood as the Lowest T of pass filter(engine work), attiditives provide liquidity for diesel oil.

And for the four temperature customer required: -15, -17, -26, -32:

-15℃: Seems no need to add any additives, Diesel oil itself has the liquidity under this temperature;

-17℃: Seems no need to add any additives, Diesel oil itself has the liquidity under this temperature;

-26℃: The dosage is around 20%-35%;

-32℃:The dosage is around 55%-60%;

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