CFPP Improver Ethylene|vinyl Acetate Copolymer

Reduce the freezing point and filtration resistance of diesel oil and improve the low temperature flow performance
Артикул: HMHT0015 Категория:

Diesel Additives / HM12-L01  VAE EVA

Basic information

  • Product: Ethylene|vinyl acetate copolymer
  • CAS NO.: 24937-78-8
  • EINECS NO.: 607-457-0
  • Formula: C18H30O6X2
  • Formula weight: 342.43
  • Synonyms: Diesel Cold Flow Improver HM12-L01
  • Component: Olefin and vinyl acetate copolymer
  • Physical form: Yellow highly viscous liquid to solid


Physicochemical property

Specification Unit Value Data Method
Appearance Viscous liquid Milky white Viscous liquid Visual Examination
Density(20) g/ml 0.875-0.975 0.9093 ASTMD4052
Flash Point ≥61 63 ASTMD93
Rotary viscosity(80) mPa·s ≤300 99.8 ISO 3219
EVA Content WT% ≥65 65.62 Weighing Method

Packaging And Store

190kg iron drum packaging or Iso tank.

If stored in original drums, HM12-L01 can be stored for a long time. At low outside temperatures, the product can become stiff in the drums.

When being carefully heated up over the pour point and being homogenised, the product will be suitable again without any problems. For storage in tanks, we recommend dilution with middle distillates.

Delivery in heatable trucks, heatable tank containers, or 200 liter one-way drums.

Before handling, storage or use, see Material Safety Data Sheet for detail information.


HM12-L01  can be used to improver the low temperature fluidity of the middle distillate and fuel oil

HM12-L01 has an improved, product-specific high solubility in hydrocarbons and proves to be highly efficient during diesel fuel filtration tests.

The filterability limit (CFPP according to DIN EN 116) and the pour point (ISO3016) of diesel fuels and of heating oils are being efficiently reduced.

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