What are the types of Diesel Additives

There are many types of Diesel Additives, including the following common ones:
Cleaner: can remove impurities and deposits in diesel, prevent fuel injector blockage, and improve fuel injection and combustion efficiency.
Antioxidant: It can prevent diesel from oxidizing and deteriorating during long-term use, maintaining the stability and reliability of diesel.
Anti wear agent: can reduce the wear of diesel engine components and extend the service life of diesel engines.
Antifriction agent: can reduce the friction coefficient between diesel engine components, reduce energy and heat losses, and improve the fuel efficiency of diesel engines.
Anti freezing agent: It can prevent diesel from freezing in low temperature environments, ensuring normal operation of diesel engines in cold environments.
Anti corrosion agent: It can prevent corrosion and rust inside the diesel engine and protect the components of the diesel engine from damage.
Anti emulsifier: It can prevent emulsification caused by the mixing of diesel and water, ensuring the purity and stability of diesel.
Fuel additives: can improve the combustion performance and efficiency of diesel, reduce the generation of emissions, and protect the environment.
The above are common types of Diesel Additives, and different types of Diesel Additives have different functions and uses. When using them, it is necessary to choose appropriate additives according to the specific situation.

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