What is viscosity index (VI)?

Viscosity index an important role in the lubricant industry. As a supplier, we are well aware of the customer’s needs and concerns for vi promoters. Therefore, we will use the following questions as chapter titles to introduce you to the relevant knowledge of promoters.

What is viscosity index (VI)?

The viscosity index is an indicator that measures the viscosity change of lubricating oil at different temperatures. It reflects the viscosity change of lubricating oil under temperature changes and is an important parameter for evaluating the performance stability of lubricating oil under different working conditions.

Why is it important?

The viscosity index directly affects the lubrication performance of lubricating oil at different temperatures and operating conditions, which is of great significance for protecting machine equipment and extending the service life of components. A high viscosity index means that the viscosity of lubricating oil changes less at high temperatures, while it has better flowability at low temperatures.

Why is maintaining a relatively stable crucial for different application scenarios?

Different machinery and equipment will face different temperatures and working conditions during use. A stable viscosity index can ensure that lubricating oil can provide stable lubrication performance under various working conditions, thereby protecting equipment from wear and corrosion.

What is a viscosity index improver?

A vi improver is an additive that can increase the vi of lubricating oil, improve its flow and lubrication performance at different temperatures.

How does it work?

The viscosity index improver improves the vi of lubricating oil by altering the interaction forces between lubricating oil molecules, enhancing their adhesion at high temperatures and flowability at low temperatures.

What is their role in lubricating oil?

The vi improver can improve the viscosity of lubricating oil at high temperatures, allowing it to maintain good lubrication performance even at high temperatures; At the same time, it can also improve the flow performance of lubricating oil at low temperatures, ensuring that the equipment can obtain effective lubrication when starting.

What is the mechanism?

The vi index improver improves the viscosity index of lubricating oil by extending molecular chains and increasing intermolecular forces, thereby improving its performance at different temperatures.

What are the types?

Common vi improvers include polymers, polymer blends, and adhesives, each with different characteristics and applicable ranges.

What are the influencing factors?

The factors that affect the viof lubricating oil include the type of base oil, the type and content of additives, and the operating temperature range.

Besides viscosity index improvers, what other factors may affect the performance of lubricants?

In addition to additives, the selection of base oil, production process, and transportation and storage conditions also have an impact on the viscosity index of lubricating oil.

How does it perform in different temperature ranges?

Different types of vi improvers exhibit different performance in different temperature ranges, and suitable improvers need to be selected according to specific operating conditions.

How to function under low and high temperature conditions?

Under low temperature conditions, vi improvers can reduce the freezing point of lubricating oil and improve its low-temperature flowability; Under high temperature conditions, it can improve the viscosity stability of lubricating oil, ensuring effective lubrication even at high temperatures.

How to choose the appropriate viscosity index improver?

Choosing an appropriate vi improver requires consideration of various factors such as operating temperature range, base oil type, equipment requirements, etc., and requires sufficient experimentation and testing.

What are the new developments?

The latest industry research shows that vi improvers are constantly launching new products with wider applicability and better performance to meet the higher requirements of customers for the stability of lubricating oil performance, in response to the needs of different working conditions.
Through the above introduction, I believe you have gained a deeper understanding of vis. If you have any needs or questions about viscosity index promoters, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will be happy to provide you with professional services and consultation.

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