Viscosity Index Improver

Improve the viscosity index of lubricating oil
Maintain stable lubricating performance under HTHP
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Lubricant Additives / HM8002A VII Viscosity modifier  Viscosity improver

Basic information

  • Product: Hydrogenated Benzene Ethylene Double Dilute Copolymer

Physicochemical property

Iterms Test Method Typical
Appearance Visual Clear/Slightly hazy at room temperature
Colour GB/T 6540,ASTM D1500 L0.5
Knematcviscosity(100℃)(mm²/s) GB/T 265,ASTM D445 1132
Flash point(COC)/C GB/T 3536,ASTM D92 218
Density(15.6℃)/(kg/m³) GB/T 13377,ASTM D4052 0.85
Water,% GB/T 260,ASTM D95 None

Packaging And Store

195kg iron drum/IBC


HM8002A is a hydrogenated styrene-diene copolymer (HSD) type viscosity index improver. HV8002A uses Sinopec Baling Petrochemical YH-4030 dissolved in Group II base oil. As a lubricant viscosity index improver, HV8002A can effectively improve the viscosity-temperature performance of oil products and increase the viscosity index. It provides excellent thickening power. Excellent low temperature properties, especially excellent shear stability meet the requirements of multi-grade internal combustion engine oils. Especially suitable for long-span multi-grade internal combustion engine oil. It is a high-grade lubricating oil viscosity index improver.

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