Specialty Chemicals Ammonium Oil Phase Material HCAY-PE

Improve the extreme pressure performance and oxidation resistance of lubricating oil
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Emulsion Explosive Series/ HCAY-PE

Basic information

  • Appearance: liquid
  • Density (20℃ kg/m3): 0.98
  • Viscosity (40°C): 3.5
  • Flash point (opening) ℃: 140
  • Freezing point °C: -42 °C

Physicochemical property

Oil Phase Material Oil Phase Special Material HCAY-PE Diesel Oil
Detonation velocity (m/s) 3200 2600
Violence(mm) 27 18
Working Ability (mL) 300 275
Mixed Situation Evenly Mixed Slow Blending, Slippery Oil
Toxic Gas None None
Fluidity No Caking No Caking
Pungent Smell None None
Physical State Off-White Loose Powder Moisture ≤0.5%
Granular Mixture
Charge Density 0.80-1.00g/cm3 Detonation Velocity 2592-3000m/s
Lead Compression Value 8mm Sensitivity (Impact Sensitivity) 3.3% (Standard State)
Critical Diameter >50mm Residual Explosion Distance 4cm
Uses Suitable for open air blasting under anhydrous conditions.


Packaging And Store

190kg iron drum packaging or Iso tank.


Instead of diesel as the raw material of explosives, the advantages are as follows
1. The flash point of the oil phase is higher than that of diesel oil, and the safety is good. Low volatility, no irritating smell, good environmental performance, convenient transportation, storage and use. Reduced management costs compared to using diesel.
2. The density of the oil phase is small, and the prepared ammonium oil explosive has high detonation sensitivity, good explosive performance, significantly improved detonation velocity, strength and working ability, which is beneficial to on-site blasting.
3. It is easy to use, has a wide range of sources, and has a price advantage over diesel. Compared with the market price of diesel oil, it can be reduced by 300~500 yuan per ton. The raw material cost of ammonium oil explosives is reduced, the direct economic benefits are obvious, and it has strong market competitiveness.
4. The production process is simple, there is no need to change the original ammonium fuel explosive production process route, and there is no need to make any changes to the vehicle, and it can be used normally at -40 degrees in winter in alpine regions.

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