PIBSA 1300 Polyethylene Glycol Stearate

Detergents and dispersants for lubricants/diesel/fuel oils
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Ashless Dispersant / PIBSA 1300 Lubricant and Fuel Oil Additives

Basic information

  • Product: Polyethylene Glycol Stearate
  • CAS NO.: 9004-99-3
  • EINECS NO.: 618-405-1
  • Formula: C34H70O9
  • Formula weight: 622.91


Physicochemical property

Item Specification Result Test Method
Appearance Yellow transparent viscous liquid OK Visual inspection
Kinematic viscosity (100℃)mm²/s Report 610 GB/T265
Density(20℃),g/cm³ 890-940 920 GB/T884
Acid value,mgKOH/g >100 115 Q/JSH711
Flash point (open) ,℃ >170 >190 GB/T3536
Water content,% <0.08 0.03 GB/T260
Mechanical impurities, wt% <0.08 0.03 GB/T511

Packaging And Store

190kg iron drum packaging or Iso tank.

Transportation and storage should conduct according to standard of toxic and flammable chemiSeal up and keep away from fire and collision.


Ashless Dispersant PIBSA1300 is a polymer compound, usually used as an additive in lubricating oil and fuel oil. It is improved and optimized from PIB1300, which can effectively prevent the formation of engine deposits, and also has cleaning and dispersing effects. Its full name is Polyisobutylene Succinimide Ashless Dispersant PIBASA1300.

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