Engine Oil Composite Agent

Engine oil composite improve the performance of automotive engine lubrication systems.
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Engine Oil Composite Agent HP80100 (API SP/GF-6)

Basic information


HP80100 is a gasoline engine oil composite that meets the performance requirements of APISP/GF-6 in Class III base oils. It has passed a complete set of bench tests and simulation tests in API SP/GF-6 programs IIIH, IIHA, IHB, IVB, VH, VIE, VI, IX, X, etc. When combined with HSD type high-performance viscosity index improver, APISP/GF can be blended in Class III base oil at a dosage of 8.7%
-6 levels of oil.

Physicochemical property


project test method Typical value
Density, 20 ℃ kg/m ³ ASTM D4052 nine hundred and sixty-seven
Flash point (opening), ℃ GB/T3536 two hundred and twelve
Kinematic viscosity (100 ℃), mm ²/ S ASTM D445 one hundred and eleven
Calcium content, weight% ASTM D4951 one point four five
Nitrogen content, weight% ASTM D5291 one point one nine
Zinc content, weight% ASTM D4951 zero point nine
Phosphorus content, weight% ASTM D4951 zero point seven seven three
Molybdenum content, weight% ASTM D4951 zero point one zero seven
Total alkali value, mgKOH/g ASTM D2896 eighty-five point six
Exterior Visual inspection Brown viscous liquid

Packaging And Store

190kg iron drum packaging or Iso tank.

The maximum temperature during storage, unloading, and blending shall not exceed 60 ℃. It is recommended that the temperature should not exceed 45 ℃ during long-term storage. Please refer to the MSDS of Hairun Company for details.



Improving lubrication performance: Additives in engine oil composite agents can improve the lubrication performance of engine oil, reduce friction and wear, help protect engine parts, and extend their service life.Cleaning the engine: The cleaning agents in the compound can remove carbon deposits, deposits, and dirt from the inside of the engine, keep it clean, reduce internal friction, and help improve engine efficiency.Improving combustion efficiency: Some engine oil composites contain additives that improve combustion, which can improve fuel combustion efficiency, reduce exhaust emissions, and lower pollutant emissions.Reducing wear: The anti-wear agents and lubricants in composite agents help to reduce the wear of engine components, especially under high pressure and high temperature, protecting engine parts from excessive wear.Prevent oxidation and corrosion: Some composite agents contain additives that prevent oil oxidation and metal corrosion, which help maintain the quality of the oil and extend the replacement cycle.Improving oil stability: Composite agents can enhance the thermal and oxidative stability of engine oil, allowing it to maintain good working conditions for a longer period of time.

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