Engine Oil Composite Agent

Engine oil composite improve the performance of automotive engine lubrication systems.

Lubricant Additives- HP8060 (API SF) Gasoline Engine Oil Additive Package

Basic information

Lubricant Additives – HP8060 is a gasoline engine oil additive package designed to meet the API SF performance standards, satisfying the engine test requirements of API SF MS IID, CEPT-II, CEPT-V, and L-38. For API SF mono/multigrade engine oil, the recommended treat rate for HP8060 is 4.3% in appropriate Group I and Group II base stocks.

Physicochemical property


Performance Grade SAE Viscosity Grade Treat    Rate,m%






Property Test    Method Typical Value
Density at 20℃,kg/m³ ASTM D4052 1008
Flash Point (COC),℃ GB/T3536 208
KinematicViscosity(100℃),mm²s ASTM D445 128
Calcium,m% ASTM D4951 3.18
Nitrogen,m% ASTM D5291 0.88
Zinc,m% ASTM D4951 2.18
Phosphorus,m% ASTM D4951 1.88
Base Number,mgKOH/g ASTM D2896 100
Appearance Visua Brown viscous liquid

(a)Test method used in Highlube Lab (b)Not specification
Packaging And Store

Lubricant Additives 190kg iron drum packaging or Iso tank.

When handling this product, a maximum temperature of 60℃ should be observed for storage, unloading, and blending. However, it is strongly recommended that the temperature should not exceed 45℃ for long-term storage.


Improve the anti-wear performance of engine oil to extend engine life.
Enhance the cleanliness and dispersibility of oil products to prevent the formation of carbon deposits and precipitates.
Refine the antioxidant performance of oil products to extend their service life.
Reduce fuel consumption and improve engine fuel economy.
Decrease engine exhaust emissions to meet environmental requirements.


Our company is a leader in the industry, utilizing state-of-the-art facilities and advanced equipment. We are at the forefront of implementing automated computer control systems to manage the production process of composite additives. This allows us to achieve automated and precise batch blending, resulting in high production efficiency and consistent product quality, with the capability to blend up to 70 tons in a single batch.Lubricant Additives

In addition, our laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge analytical and testing instruments, including ICP element analyzers, CCS low-temperature dynamic viscosity analyzers, nitrogen analyzers, and automatic viscosity analyzers. We also undergo regular ASTM cross-checks every year. Furthermore, we have established a comprehensive quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety management system, ensuring traceability of product and raw material information. This has allowed us to achieve an internationally advanced level in product quality control.


At Vicmax, we not only prioritize product quality but also continuously innovate by developing new product series and expanding into new business areas. Presently, we have established a product system primarily comprising gasoline engine oil composite agents and diesel engine oil composite agents, complemented by marine oil composite agents, turbine oil composite agents, light internal combustion engine oil composite agents, and more. Our formula technology is supported by bench test data, and our product specifications meet the leading standards in the domestic market. Additionally, we have the capacity to supply polymer ash-free dispersants.Lubricant Additives

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Q: What sets your company apart from others in the industry?
A: Our company stands out due to our advanced facilities, automated production processes, and commitment to maintaining high product quality through cutting-edge testing and quality control measures.

Q: How does your company ensure product quality?
A: We ensure product quality through automated and precise batch blending, as well as by utilizing cutting-edge analytical and testing instruments in our laboratory. Additionally, we have established a comprehensive quality management system and undergo regular ASTM cross-checks.

Q: What is the production capacity of your company?
A: Our company has the capability to blend up to 70 tons in a single batch, thanks to our automated and precise batch blending processes.

Q: What measures does your company take to ensure environmental and occupational health and safety standards?
A: We have established a comprehensive environmental and occupational health and safety management system to ensure compliance with standards. This includes traceability of product and raw material information.


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