Engine Oil Composite Agent

Engine oil composite improve the performance of automotive engine lubrication systems.
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Engine Oil Composite Agent HP8091 (API SP/GF-5)

Basic information


HP8091 is gasoline engine oil additive package to meet API SN/GF-5 performance, reaching  engine  test   requirements  of  API  SN/GF-5   MS   IIIG,IVA,VG,VID  and  VIIl.For  API  SN/GF-5  multigrade  engine  oil,the  recommended  treat  rate  for  HP8091  is  8.9%,in  appropriate group l,group ll and group lll base stock respectively.

Physicochemical property


Performance Grade SAE Viscosity Grade Treat Rate,m%
APISN/GF-5 5W-30,10W-30 8.90%
APISN 5W-20,5W-30,10W-30,5W-40, 10W-40,15W-40 8.90%
Property Test Method Typical Value
Density at 20℃,kg/m³ ASTM D4052 975.9
Flash Point (COC),℃ GB/T3536 206
KinematicViscosity(100℃),mm²s ASTM D445 120.9
Calcium,m% ASTM D4951 2.26
Nitrogen,m% ASTM D5291 0.793
Zinc,m% ASTM D4951 0.901
Phosphorus,m% ASTM D4951 0.135
Molybdenum,m% ASTM D4951 1.28
Base Number,mgKOH/g ASTM D2896 92.5
Appearance Visua Brown viscous liquid

Packaging And Store

190kg iron drum packaging or Iso tank.

When handling this product a maximum temperature of 60℃ should be observed for storage,unloading  and  blending.However,it  is strongly  recommended  that  for  long  term storage the temperature should  not exceed 45℃ .



Improving oil performance: may be used to improve the lubrication performance of engine oil, reduce friction and wear, protect engine parts, and enhance oil stability.
Cleaning and protecting the engine: may contain cleaning agents that help remove carbon deposits, deposits, and dirt from the engine’s interior, and protect the engine from the effects of pollutants.
Improving combustion efficiency: may help improve fuel combustion efficiency, reduce emissions, and optimize engine performance.
Improving thermal stability: It may contain additives to keep the engine oil stable under high temperature conditions and less prone to oxidation and degradation.
Compliant with API SP/GF-5 standards: May be designed to comply with API (American Petroleum Institute) SP and GF-5 (Engine Oil Quality Level) standards, indicating compliance with relevant industry standards and performance requirements.

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