Diesel Engine Oil Additive Package HD6071 (API Cl-4/CH-4)

HD6072 is an additive for diesel engine oil

Diesel Engine Oil Additive Package HD6071 (API Cl-4/CH-4)

Basic information


HD6071  is  diesel  engine  oil  additive  package  to  meet  API  Cl-4  performance, reaching   engine  test   requirements   of  API   Cl-4   IF,Cat   1K,Cat   1R,MackT-8E,Mack T12,Cummins   ISM,HTCBT,EOAT   and   RFWT.


Physicochemical property

Performance Grade SAE Viscosity Grade Treat Rate,m%
APICI-4 15W-40,20W-50 9.5%
APICH-4 15W-40,20W-50 9.2%
Property Test Method Typical Value
Density at 20℃,kg/m³ ASTM D4052 980
Flash Point (COC),℃ GB/T3536 212
KinematicViscosity(100℃),mm²s ASTM D445 115
Calcium,m% ASTM D4951 2.82
Nitrogen,m% ASTM D5291 0.97
Zinc,m% ASTM D4951 1.41
Phosphorus,m% ASTM D4951 1.26
Base Number,mgKOH/g ASTM D2896 96
Water,% GB/T260 0.06
Appearance Visua Brown viscous liquid

Enhance Engine Performance with HD6071 Diesel Engine Oil Additive Package (API Cl-4/CH-4)

Introduction: When it comes to maximizing the performance and longevity of diesel engines, selecting the right engine oil additive package is crucial. HD6071, an advanced Diesel Engine Oil Additive Package formulated to meet API Cl-4/CH-4 specifications, stands out as a top choice for engine enthusiasts and professionals alike. In this article, we explore the key features and benefits of HD6071, highlighting its ability to enhance engine efficiency and durability.

Key Features of HD6071 Diesel Engine Oil Additive Package:

  1. Advanced Formulation: HD6071 is engineered with a state-of-the-art formulation designed to deliver superior engine protection and performance under demanding operating conditions.
  2. Enhanced Lubrication: The additive package is fortified with high-quality lubricating agents that reduce friction and wear, ensuring smooth engine operation and extending component life.
  3. Oxidation Stability: HD6071 contains antioxidants and oxidation inhibitors that effectively combat oil degradation, preventing the formation of harmful deposits and sludge buildup.
  4. Deposit Control: This additive package is equipped with detergents and dispersants that actively clean and remove deposits from engine surfaces, maintaining optimal engine cleanliness and performance.
  5. Corrosion Protection: With corrosion inhibitors, HD6071 safeguards engine components against rust and corrosion, even in harsh environments, prolonging the service life of critical engine parts.

Benefits of HD6071 Diesel Engine Oil Additive Package:

  1. Improved Engine Efficiency: By reducing friction and maintaining optimal lubrication, HD6071 helps improve fuel efficiency and overall engine performance, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and operating costs.
  2. Extended Engine Life: The advanced protective properties of HD6071 contribute to minimizing engine wear and tear, extending the lifespan of vital engine components and reducing the likelihood of costly repairs or premature failures.
  3. Enhanced Engine Cleanliness: HD6071’s deposit control additives effectively keep engine internals clean, promoting smoother operation, reduced emissions, and prolonged catalyst life.
  4. Compatibility and Versatility: HD6071 is compatible with a wide range of base oils and can be tailored to meet specific performance requirements, making it suitable for various diesel engine applications, including heavy-duty trucks, construction equipment, and agricultural machinery.

Conclusion: HD6071 Diesel Engine Oil Additive Package (API Cl-4/CH-4) offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing the performance, reliability, and longevity of diesel engines. With its advanced formulation and superior protective properties, HD6071 stands as a reliable choice for engine enthusiasts and professionals seeking optimal engine performance and durability. Upgrade your engine oil with HD6071 to experience improved efficiency, extended engine life, and superior protection against wear, deposits, and corrosion.

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