Diesel Engine Oil Additive Package HD6061 (API CH-4)

HD6072 is an additive for diesel engine oil

Diesel Engine Oil Additive Package HD6061 (API CH-4)

Basic information


HD6061 is diesel engine oil additive package to meet API CH-4 performance, reaching engine test requirements of API CH-4 MS IIIF,Cat1K,Cat1P,Mack T-12, MackT-8E,Cummins ISM,RFWT.For API CH-4 engine oil,the recommended treat rate for Hd6061 is 9.0%in appropriate group ll base stock.


Physicochemical property


Performance Grade SAE Viscosity Grade Treat Rate,m%
APICH-4 15W-40,20W-40,20W-50 9.0%
Property Test Method Typical Value
Density at 20℃,kg/m³ ASTM D4052 969.4
Flash Point (COC),℃ GB/T3536 210
KinematicViscosity(100℃),mm²s ASTM D445 131
Calcium,m% ASTM D4951 2.20
Nitrogen,m% ASTM D5291 1.07
Zinc,m% ASTM D4951 1.21
Phosphorus,m% ASTM D4951 1.05
Base Number,mgKOH/g ASTM D2896 83.7
Water,% GB/T260 0.06
Appearance Visua Brown viscous liquid

Introduction: Discover the exceptional performance and reliability of HD6061 (API CH-4) Diesel Engine Oil Additive Package. In this comprehensive guide, we explore its key features, applications, precautions, and benefits, ensuring optimal engine performance and longevity.

Key Features: Enhancing Engine Performance: HD6061 (API CH-4) Diesel Engine Oil Additive Package is formulated with advanced additives to enhance engine performance and protect critical components. Its unique composition ensures superior lubrication, wear protection, and thermal stability, even under the most demanding operating conditions.

Applications Across Industries: This additive package is specifically designed for use in diesel engines, providing exceptional performance in heavy-duty vehicles, trucks, construction equipment, and marine applications. Whether on-road or off-road, HD6061 (API CH-4) delivers unmatched reliability and efficiency.

Benefits of HD6061 (API CH-4): Unlocking Engine Potential: By incorporating HD6061 (API CH-4) into diesel engine oil, users can experience a range of benefits, including improved fuel efficiency, extended oil drain intervals, and reduced maintenance costs. Its high-performance formula helps maximize engine power output while minimizing wear and tear.

Precautions for Proper Usage: Ensure Optimal Performance: To ensure optimal performance and longevity of the engine, it is essential to follow proper usage precautions. HD6061 (API CH-4) should be blended with base oil according to recommended mixing ratios and industry standards. Additionally, regular oil analysis and maintenance checks are recommended to monitor engine health and performance.

Environmental Responsibility: Committed to Sustainability: HD6061 (API CH-4) Diesel Engine Oil Additive Package is formulated with a commitment to environmental responsibility. Its low emissions formulation and eco-friendly additives minimize environmental impact while meeting stringent industry regulations and standards.

Conclusion: Elevate Engine Performance with HD6061 (API CH-4): In conclusion, HD6061 (API CH-4) Diesel Engine Oil Additive Package stands as a reliable solution for enhancing engine performance and reliability. With its advanced formulation, diverse applications, and environmental responsibility, HD6061 (API CH-4) ensures optimal performance and peace of mind for diesel engine operators worldwide.

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