Introduction to emulsion explosives

Emulsion explosive is a special type of explosive, which is a stable emulsion mixture composed of water, explosive components and emulsifiers. Emulsion explosives have high explosive capacity and good stability, and are widely used in military, mining and civilian fields.

Composition and working principle

Emulsion explosives are mainly composed of the following components:

  1. Explosive ingredients: The explosive ingredients in emulsion explosives are usually nitrate compounds, such as nitroglycerin or nitrocellulose. These compounds have high explosive potential.
  2. Water phase: Water is the basic component of emulsion explosives, which provides the stability and fluidity of emulsion explosives.
  3. Oil phase: The oil phase is the combustible substance in emulsion explosives, usually diesel or other petroleum substances. The oil phase provides additional energy and oxidizer, enhancing the explosive ability of the emulsion explosive.
  4. Emulsifier: Emulsifier is a key component in emulsion explosives, which can evenly emulsify the water, oil phase and explosive components together. Commonly used emulsifiers include Span-80 , etc.

The working principle of emulsion explosives is to produce an explosive effect by releasing a large amount of energy during the explosion process. When the emulsion explosive is ignited by the fuse, the explosive components begin to explode and rapidly release a large amount of gas and high temperature. The shock wave and high temperature generated by this explosion can cause violent vibrations and changes in the surrounding materials, thus producing an explosive effect.

Application fields

Emulsion explosives are widely used in the following fields:

  1. Military use: Emulsion explosives are widely used in the military field, including the manufacture of explosive equipment, ammunition and rocket propellant. Its high explosive capabilities and stability make it an important tool for the military in warfare and defensive operations.
  2. Mine and construction blasting: Emulsion explosives are commonly used for blasting operations in the mining and construction industries. It can effectively destroy rocks, soil and other materials and is used in fields such as mining, building demolition and geological exploration.
  3. Civil blasting: Under some special circumstances, emulsion explosives can also be used in civil fields, such as blasting operations in civil engineering, geological disaster management, etc.

It should be noted that since emulsion explosives have high explosive capabilities and dangers, their production, storage and use need to strictly comply with relevant regulations and safety standards to ensure safety and reliability.

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