How to use Diesel Additives?

The usage of Diesel Additives varies depending on their type and purpose, but generally follows the following basic steps:
Determine the type and dosage of additives: Select the appropriate Diesel Additives type and dosage based on the diesel engine model, usage environment, and performance that needs improvement.
Add Diesel Additives to diesel: Add Diesel Additives to diesel according to the specified ratio, either directly into the fuel tank or during refueling.
Stir mixing: Fully mix diesel and Diesel Additives to ensure that the additives are evenly dispersed in the diesel.
Waiting for a period of time: Some Diesel Additives need to stay in diesel for a certain period of time to function, so they need to wait for a period of time.
Using a diesel engine: Use a diesel engine with Diesel Additives added and observe if its performance and characteristics have improved.
It should be noted that when using Diesel Additives, the manufacturer’s instructions should be followed, and the prescribed dosage and usage method should not be exceeded to avoid adverse reactions. At the same time, it should be avoided to mix different types of Diesel Additives to avoid chemical reactions. It is best to use it under the guidance of a professional.

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