Cetane Number Promoter: An Essential Diesel Additive

As modern transportation continues to grow, the demand for fuel increases. Diesel, as a crucial fuel, has a significant impact on engine performance and lifespan. To improve diesel quality, cetane number promoter is widely used as an essential additive.

What is Cetane Number?

The cetane number is a vital indicator for measuring the combustion performance of diesel fuel. It represents the ability of diesel to self-ignite under the action of a compressor, which is known as the ignition delay time. The shorter the ignition delay time, the better the combustion performance of diesel. Therefore, higher cetane numbers indicate better diesel quality.

What is a Cetane Number Promoter?

Cetane number promoter is an additive that can increase the cetane number of diesel fuel. It improves the ignition performance of fuel, enhances combustion efficiency and cleanliness of diesel, and thus improves engine performance and reliability.

Application of Cetane Number Promoter

Cetane number promoters are widely used in various diesel engines, including large ships, trains, trucks, and agricultural vehicles. It can effectively reduce the noise and emissions of diesel engines, improve engine power and torque output, and reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

Advantages of Cetane Number Promoters

The use of cetane number enhancers can bring the following advantages:

  • Improving engine performance: Cetane number promoter can improve the ignition performance of diesel, thereby improving combustion efficiency and cleanliness of the engine. This not only improves the power and torque output of the engine but also prolongs its lifespan and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Reducing noise and emissions: The use of cetane number promoters can reduce the noise and emissions of diesel engines. This is particularly important for modern society with increasingly high requirements for urban environment and environmental protection.
  • Reducing fuel consumption: Cetane number promoter can improve the combustion efficiency of diesel, thereby reducing fuel consumption. This not only saves costs but also reduces impact on the environment.


As a diesel additive, cetane number promoter plays an increasingly important role in modern transportation. It can improve diesel quality and performance, reduce noise and emissions while saving costs and protecting the environment. Therefore, choosing products containing cetane number promoters is undoubtedly a wise choice when choosing diesel.

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